Eazzi Cash is what we offer at MyEazzi Solution Limited. We are a retail non-bank financial and advisory services institution registered and licensed in Nigeria. Our services are buoyed with passion to meet the personal and business financial needs of our target market. We offer accessible and convenient loans with flexible repayment plans that works for you. With our PawnShop solutions, we offer short-term loans based on personal product collateral to bridge the gap that exist within the financial industry with respect to accessibility to quick and soft loans. This we would do leveraging on innovations, digital technologies and competence of our employees while also adopting universally accepted best practices.



To be the most accessible and convenient retail financial support provider in Nigeria.



Providing financial and advisory solutions to all our customers leveraging on innovations digital technology and competency of our employees to deliver phenomenal service experience.


Our Core Values

• Passion     • Professionalism     • Integrity    • Innovation   • Excellence




Eazzicash client base cuts across individuals in paid employment and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.  We offer flexible loans to these set of individuals to meet their personal and business financial needs. We have carefully designed our products to cater for these categories of clients and they include:

  1. Personal/Consumer Lending i.e EazziPayDay, EazziAsset
  2. Business Finance i.e. EazziFinance, EazziAssist


Personal/Consumer Lending

This type of loan is available to clients in paid employment inorder to meet their immediate financial needs. The 2 distinctive products under this class are EazziPayDay, EazziAssist.

Business Finance

We also offer loans to clients who are engaged in private businesses to meet their financial needs. The 2 distinctive products include: EazziFinance and EazziAssist.


This product is structured to meet the immediate financial needs of salary earners and other professionals. The minimum amount offered under this product is N100,000 while the maximum is N1,500,000. Repayment can be spread over a maximum tenor of 6months.

Requirements for EazziPayday
  1. Passport photograph of both the customer and guarantor.
  2. Recent Utility Bill (within 3months from loan request)
  3. Copy of official ID Card
  4. A qualified guarantor (This may be waived or deferred subject to particular circumstances)
  5. Guarantor’s valid ID Card
  6. Six (6) months statement of client’s salary account
  7. Undated Cheque from client and guarantor
  8. Employment/Confirmation Letter

The above requirements also applies to EAZZIASSET




This product is specifically designed to bridge any financial gap for Small and Medium Scale business owners. This is also aimed at financing contracts/LPOs of these clients with the expectation that repayment would be done upon receipt of proceeds from the contracts either in installments or at once upon maturity of the loan. The business must be registered and organized. The minimum amount offered under this product is N100,000 while the maximum is N1,500,000. Repayment can be spread over a maximum tenor of 6months.


Requirements for EazziFinance
  1. Passport photograph of both the customer and guarantor.
  2. Valid means of identification (driver’s license, International passport, national ID card)
  3. Six (6) months statement of account.
  4. Certificate of Incorporation
  5. Memorandum of Association
  6. Undated Cheques from the client
  7. A movable asset whose value must cover 2000% of the loan amount.(This maybe reviewed subject to the loan amount)
  8. Or A qualified guarantor who will provide the below:
    1. Undated Cheque from Guarantor
    2. Copy of ID card


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Pawn & Lending
We lend money to customers who are in need of money and meet loan requirements. We also give customer opportunity to pawn their personal items as secure collateral for loan.
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We also support small businesses or customers with business ideas by financing their businesses.
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We also serve as investors by making investment into businesses.
We understand your plight.

We understand that the majority of investors and lenders in Nigeria are extremely cautious of their finances and often regret how finance institutions reap them off of their money; hence, we have designed a new, innovative and secured lending, financing and investing platform which offers simplicity, transparent, integrity and efficiency. Come on board, we make it so easy!


Online Loan Application

When we say Loan application made easy, we actually mean easy. Application can be done just following this easy steps below using any of our platforms (Web, IOS app or Android App)..

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Download our Mobile App on Playstore or AppStore
Click on the Apply now button on this webpage or Download the app from App Store (Android & IOS)
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Email Verification
Check your email address and Click on acknowledge link in the confirmation email from EAZZICASH.
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Create an account
Fill the required information on the create account section and create your account real time.
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Continue Application
Logon to your app or web platform and apply (for Pawn, lending, financing or investing).
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Our customers’ testimonies

Here's what our customers have to say about the platform
I was in a deep sea looking for an investment portfolio when I came across the Eazzicash platform. Everything was done online, in a professional and timely manner, no stress or hassle. Thank you again for helping me out in a time of need… You guys are the best”
     by Oluwakemi O
“First of all, I found Eazzicash when I was doing a search on the internet. I can’t remember now what drew me to your ad, but it worked. You have made loan process simple to get started and I appreciate the reminder e-mails a few days before the loan payment is due, the e-mails are a big help.”
     by Ayokunle S.
“Eazzicash has been a great help for me during times of emergency situations and has done an outstanding job of providing the help I needed. I thank you for your time and co-operation in lending me funds for difficult times. “
     by Aina D.