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EazziCash Pawnshop In Nigeria


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Need Cash. Pawn your valuable items with us.

EazziCash is one of the top ten(10) online lending platforms in Nigeria according to pulseNG rating for November 2019. The company is very innovative in meeting the financial needs of its esteemed customers. We recently launched the Pawnshop in Lagos.

How Pawn Shop works: Customers are allowed to use their personal items like Phones, Games, Laptops, Jewelries etc to access a 30days self guaranteed loan. The process to draw down on loan is very EAZZI as the name of the company implies.

There is also an option to sell the item if the customer so wish. We charge minimal interest rate on pawn items because our focus is  for the customer to return the principal plus the interest before the end of 30days tenor.

Use Case: If you have an iPhone x worth N200,000 and you need an urgent cash to sort out a business transaction for a week. Why do you have to call family and friends? Why not reach out to us on In this case the phone can be pawned for as high as 75%(N150,000) of its value. Once the principal amount borrowed is return as well as the interest. Your item is returned back to you.

The pawned items are insured and owners have the responsibility of ensuring that sworn affidavit is obtained in case there is no receipt.

Think about the case above. I am sure there are lots of people with similar situations in Nigeria. EazziCash is here to help. Please contact any of our Pawn Brokers on 08076520000.

EazziCash Pawnshop is here to stay and the adoption since we launched has been really impressive by Nigerians.

You can chat with us also on WhatsApp +234-905-2222-022

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Tolulope Davids MD EazziCash

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